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Effective Solution For Industrial Odor Management.

Dear Customers,

If you are suffering by any environmental related problem’s such as effluent smell, drainage, gutters smell, garbage smell, poultry pocks, cattle dung smell, Industrial sludge odor, marine Industries smell, milk food process smell, stouter units odor etc.in your premises then there is definite solution we have.

We are the manufacturer & supplier of Industrial deodorant,ie. Germeetol, our Brand Fragrance.

Since last ten+years we are giving satisfactory service to our customers, our customers are chemical Industries, marine Industries ( Sea food processors ) milk processors Bio chemical industries, ETPS, Municipal Corporations etc.

Evergreen Hygiene products of tens on Industrial odor management solution that’s safe for you, your process and the environment. Germeetol, the odor climinator can be applied through number of delivery systems, Including atomization, eliminater into end products.we have satisfied customers in satara, kolhapur, Ichalkarnji, Mahad, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Valsad, Vapi, Sarigam etc.

“ Odor” control is a critical concern for not only Industries & Households today, but also for environmental reasons.


Evergreen Hygiene products is a leading developer of safe and effective Industrial odor management solutions for Germeetol a wide variety of applications.owr product Germeetol removes a organic, inorganic and a biological odors. The source of UN welcome odor,from landfills to refineries to wastewater treatment facilities. Germeetol removes bad odor and gives you best result for longer period. As this treatment are perfume based so you can stay in the premises very easy.

Germeetol, our brand fragrance which is available in liquid and powder form.



Form – Liquid

Color – Golden Yellowish

Odor  – Fruity Sweet Fragrance

Effective in Soft And Hard Water

Hazard Free

Eco – Friendly


Germeetol is recommended for all open plant applications. Germeetol is suitable for manual, soak or spray circulation application.

Use Germeetol at concentration volume / volume depending on application and climatic conditions of area.

Liquid form Germeetol is recommended for chemical Industries, milk processors, ETPS, Sea food processors etc.

We install fogger system for circulation of Germeetol. Fogger system gives you good effectiveness and make good environment where you can also mix Germeetol with your effluent waste water to prevent bad odor. As well as spray convent-rate to the vent of blower as reaction vessels to atmosphere.


Market Rate – 275 Rupees.per Lit.

Packaging Size – 50 Lit.


Properties : –

Form – Powder

Colour – Cream White

Odor – Fruity Sweet Fragrance.

Hazard Free

Non – Toxic

Eco Friendly

Bio Degradable

Easy to use.


This form is recommended for all open plant applications. This is suitable for manual and spray circulation application. Use at concentration directly depending on application and climatic condition.

Powder form Germeetol is recom mended for Garbage, dumping grounds, CETPS ( Slurry / sludge ) etc.



Market Rate – 375 Rupees.per kg.

Packaging Size – 50 Kg.


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